May 29, 2008 — Leave a comment

As of late, i am pretty tired of the whole “dating” thing… you know… guys pursuing girls… trying to find “the one”… companionship… all that business. 

My conclusion as of this moment is that we live in a broken, imperfect, screwed up world and people’s “compasses” are off.

Now this next part is gonna come off pretty cocky, and i don’t mean it to… but “on paper” i am quite the catch if i do say so myself… and i do… haha. I’ve got all the things that i hear most women say they are looking for… so why have none of them found me?

Ladies! HERE I AM! hahaha… no seriously, here i am.

Does it really all boil down to the physical? to the fading? If it does then i’m really not interested… i mean if a woman isn’t interested in me because of my physical appearance, then she’s not much of a catch.

Look at it this way… what if i actually was what people consider “hot”… i get a girl because of it and then am in a horribly disfiguring car accident? What if i get skin cancer and have to get my nose cut off? What if?

Is she gonna leave? LAME! Who want’s that?

Not me!

And i am sure it’s not all one-side… ladies you go through all this crap too i imagine. I guess my encouragement to us all is don’t let something good pass you bye people…