August 7, 2008 — Leave a comment

I have been thinking a lot about prayer lately… what it is… what it’s for… During my time of pondering something crossed my mind.

Now I’m gonna share my thought with you and preface it with he fact that’s it’s just a thought… part of processing.

When we pray to God and “ask Him for things” like the job we want, our family members safety, patience, etc. what does that imply when we don’t get those things? We often say it wasn’t in God’s plan or he closed the door when it has to do with things like a job, a raise, and such…. but what about the family member or friends safety… what if our sister/daughter/mother is hurt… raped… killed? Was that part of “the plan” were our prayers wasted? If he were to keep them “safe” by keeping the perpetrator away then didn’t He just get in the middle of free-will? And back to the “new job” idea… say we did get the job…  does that mean God forced someones hand to chose us? Again… would He be taking an individuals freedom of choice to pick who they wanted in order to “bless us”?

It’s all kinda left me a bit confused and even a tad overwhelmed(did i use the word tad?).

I guess that’s all… I suppose what I’ll do for now is pray that God reveals more of His character to me and hopefully that will lead me to some better understanding of what this prayer thing is all about.

Now for those of you who made it to the end of this rambling, you may be confused or angry at me… but please know that for me, writing these things out, helps me process my life and attempts to grow closer in my relationship with God. By putting it out here for everyone to read I am inviting you into community and relationship with me… I’m just another one of God’s children, trying to “figure things out” this side of eternity.