Worth it?

October 4, 2008 — Leave a comment

So, two mother’s days ago i bought my mom a pretty sweet TV for her living room. She had a pretty old TV and it was time for a new one. When we got the TV, I decided to buy the protection plan “just in case”. It was something like $99 for 4 years full coverage. Not a bad deal… but i secretly thought to myself “there goes and extra hundred bucks”.

Fast forward to about 2 months ago…

Here TV started “freakn’ out” and we called in to get it looked at. The tech came out and told us he was gonna order a part and it should be fixed in a couple of weeks… so we wait, and wait, and wait…

So, early this morning, they called and told us the part is back ordered for an undetermined amount of time so we can go get a replacement TV of equal or lesser value because or Sevice Plan completely covers us.


My mom couldn’t believe it… we went out to Best Buy and picker her out her new TV. And… since prices have gone down a little in the last year and a half, she got a bigger TV at no extra cost to her. The only thing she needed to do was decide if she wanted to buy a new Protection Plan for this TV. She asked me “you think the plan is worth it?”

To which i responded “are you serious?!”

To which she then responded “NO” as she chuckled and grabbed her check book.

So… I guess the point of this whole rant is… BUY THE PROTECTION PLAN! hahaha