February 7, 2009 — 5 Comments

We’re told all over scripture that we need to “wait on the Lord”… that our “strength will rise”… etc.

I believe God’s word to be alive and true, so that being the case I believe we do ned to “wait on the Lord”… but what does that look like?

What does it look like to wait?

I think some people, myself included at times, use scriptures like that to become lazy…. to sit around and do nothing and call it “waiting on God” or “waiting for God’s timing”. But more often in my life and what i have read in scripture leans toward God saying move or walk and I’ll show you why when the time is right… definitely not sit around and do nothing(be lazy) until I light a bush on fire in your yard and start having animals talk to you.

God’s “track record” in my life has been more like “take one step at a time and trust me for the next one”

Don’t know if that makes any sense but would love to hear anyone’s opinions… What does “waiting on the Lord” look like in your life?