February 7, 2009 — 5 Comments

We’re told all over scripture that we need to “wait on the Lord”… that our “strength will rise”… etc.

I believe God’s word to be alive and true, so that being the case I believe we do ned to “wait on the Lord”… but what does that look like?

What does it look like to wait?

I think some people, myself included at times, use scriptures like that to become lazy…. to sit around and do nothing and call it “waiting on God” or “waiting for God’s timing”. But more often in my life and what i have read in scripture leans toward God saying move or walk and I’ll show you why when the time is right… definitely not sit around and do nothing(be lazy) until I light a bush on fire in your yard and start having animals talk to you.

God’s “track record” in my life has been more like “take one step at a time and trust me for the next one”

Don’t know if that makes any sense but would love to hear anyone’s opinions… What does “waiting on the Lord” look like in your life?

  • God: Abraham. Rise, take everyone in your family, and everything you own. Go to the land that I will show you.
    Abraham: Okay.
    God: Now.
    Abraham: How will I know where to go?
    God: Just start moving. I’ll show you as you go.

    Great blogpost JR. You’re dead on.

  • I fully believe that waiting on the Lord is an activity. When you are waiting for a person, you are checking the plans to make sure that YOU didn’t make a mistake, checking the timing to make sure YOU are there at the right time, and constantly seeking after that person until you’re together. I feel it is the same with Him. We need to be going back to scripture to check the plans. Seeking our hearts to make sure that we’re ready to receive the next step. And finally seeking His heart in prayer to align yourself with His will, until you’re reunited. But, it is always easier to be lazy! I wish it weren’t so!

    • jrowe

      GREAT way to describe the “process” of waiting… thanks for the insights Meghann!

  • I’ve come to see that as “God helps those help themselves.”

    I’ve known too many Christians who use “waiting on the Lord” as a cop-out. When I met Anna I could have said “I’ll wait until God lets me know that this is the one” but in the end I just had to man up and ask her out on a date. It was a gamble that happened to work out but it could have failed.

  • @Meghann,

    I think the “going back to scripture” thing has been overused as well (not to say that’s what you meant but just wanted to clarify). Us Christians have a tendency to point to God leading the Jews out of the desert or rebuilding the temple as a direct statement to us about whatever it is we’re doing at the time. The problem is that when God said follow the cloud in the sky he wasn’t talking to Dave, sitting in a coffee shop, in February 2009. We can garner the overall theme that God is saying “trust in me, I’ll lead you through this” but I’ve known to many people, and I’ve at times been one of them, who are almost literally following a cloud in the sky.

    I don’t suspect God will ever give me a cloud to follow or that I’ll meet a talking donkey who informs me that it’s God. God is too original to do that again.