This week…

February 10, 2009 — Leave a comment

I’m really excited about this Thursday!

The fellas(Gary & Dave) and I are going down to the LA area.

The reason for our trip is to hang out with Charlie and Bub from the Veracity Project. I really admire the work they do and they just seem like great people! As far as i know there really isn’t much of an “agenda” for going down there other than to just connect with a couple of folks in our industry.

And while we’re down there you better know we are going to grab a sandwich at the hat. That place is amazing!

And tomorrow night is HomeGROUP… great people that i love to death… and i really enjoy the book we are reading right now… “Jesus Wants to Save Christians” by Rob Bell.

PLUS!!! Saturday afternoon through evening a couple of my friends and i are gonna have a Soprano’s marathon and eat italian food… you’re jealous, i know… hahaha.