Suggestions Please

February 12, 2009 — 4 Comments

film_slateSo i know there are at least a few of you who read my blog on a regular basis… so on this trip here I would ask you a bit of a favor.

I am looking for some movies to entertain me… some I have yet to see… others which warrant a second viewing. And that’s where “you ” come in….

In the comments section leave me a list of your current top 5 movies… Please?

  • The Baxter (hysterical. the guys from Stella.)
    Apaloosa (a brooding western. interesting, but definitely not a pick me up movie)
    The Visitors (another drama, but incredible acting)
    North by Northwest (classic)
    and apparently the baby has sucked #5 right out of my brain. Have fun!

    • jrowe

      thanks Meg! i will ad those to my list…

  • 1. King of Kong (doc on Donkey Kong and Billy Mitchell)
    2. Traitor (Just to take your mind off everything and be entertained)
    3. Helvetica (Just the fact that a documentary was done about a font warrants you watching it – it’s awesome actually)
    4. (A Martin Lewis movie) I just got the two collections of all their movies and I think they’re just great. Two of the best performers of all time. A must at least once.
    5. Dark Knight (just because)

    • jrowe

      Thanks Charlie!

      Those are some great suggestions… I have been wondering if Traitor was any good… and i am a huge fan of the whole Martin/Lewis franchise!

      p.s. it was great hanging out with you guys yesterday!