February 26, 2009 — 1 Comment

Today I was listening to one of the podcasts that i subscribe to and heard a message from Ruddy Carrasco on unity. Ways to build unity in the Body of Christ but also through the Body of Christ out into the community.

He made some great comments and gave great insights from his life, living in Pasadena, CA, dealing with and living in a very urban environment. In the middle of his message he made a statement that was very convicting as well as encouraging… it’s not often i see or hear those two sentiments together, so i thought i’d share it…

“People are watching us all the time, like it or not… But there is a way to turn that dynamic around if you sort of accept it and you’re like ‘okay, i want to be an authentic, sincere, consistent person and now i actually have a little bit of hep’… Because everybody’s watching me anyway… I’m gonna get caught for what I do… let them catch me for doing something good… and being consistent… and trustworthy” – Rudy Carrasco

I think it’s a great way to look at how we live and see the things we do as opportunities.

Hope it encouraged some of you the way it did me.