Just A Test

April 11, 2009 — 4 Comments

Wanted to test out a way to do some 3D text in after effects using only plug-ins in after effects… not flawless, but not bad either. All i used was the shatter plug-in, and a ramp for the text. I got the original idea from this tutorial at All Bets Are Off.

[flv:http://www.thejrowe.com/video/3dtext_test.flv 500 294]

  • that is sweet

  • I love After Effects, but don't ever have the time to mess with it a whole lot. I'd love to know how long this took you so I can get a feel of how long it will take me.

    Happy Easter Jason! Hope your day is going well.

    • Hey Brian,

      A Happy Easter to you too!

      It actually only took about 20 minutes to create the 'effect' plus render time. Shoot me a link when you give it a try!

      • Yea, it doesn't seem like it would've taken too much time. I have a nice particle effect loop that I got for free that might work well with some 3d text in the middle of it. I'll give you a link when I try it out.