Jesus Loves You…

September 11, 2009 — 1 Comment

I was recently allowed the privilege of reading and reviewing Craig Gross and Jason Harper’s new book “Jesus Loves You This I Know.”

I first became acquainted with Craig Gross from reading his book “The Gutter: Where Life is Meant to be Lived” (which is awesome by the way) and jumped at the chance to read his latest literary venture.

I wasn’t disappointed…

“Jesus Loves You This I Know” is a quick read with a message that can change lives. The underlying message that Jesus loves us all, no matter where we’ve been or where we’ll go, runs deep through the entire book. The idea that Jesus loves us all where we are and not where we “should be” sets us all free to be loved on and have our hearts changed… our lives changed.

I recommend picking up this book and being prepared to have your rules and boxes challenged.

You can pick up the book here or by clicking on the ad square on the right side of the page. Don’t pass it up!