I’m sorry I don’t have a square to spare, now if you don’t mind…

March 25, 2010 — 2 Comments

I frequent a lot of different sites around the internet… tutorial sites, blogs, etc. One thing i notice on a large majority of sites are those little square “ad spaces” on the side of the page… go ahead and look to your right… i have some on my site. I don’t have any issue with them and that’s not what this post is about.

I do, however, have any issue with what some of them say… especially the way they say what they say…

I have been noticing a trend where companies advertise by putting others down. With the implications being that if you embark on this or that venture without using our program or software that your stuff isn’t good or even that it’s ugly.


In all reality i get what they are trying to say and that they are proud of their service or product… but to tear down someones work based on your opinion of your product just doesn’t seem right to me.

For instance… let’s say… a church website. Often times a churches presence on the web represent someone trying their best… doing what they can on a limited budget to get people connected to the church. It may not “look” awesome or be up to “web standards” or “best practices”… but it represents someones time, energy, sweat and commitment. Someone doing their best with what they have to further the community of believers around them and reach out to others. And really when calling something lie that ugly or picking it apart… you are really attacking someones heart.

And i just don’t get how someone could call that ugly.

Can’t people promote their products and services without trying to posture themselves as an authority or superior? Your work and services should speak for themselves… don’t ya think?

Anyone? Anyone?

  • Right on Jrowe. I’m learning myself to not judge the heart behind the art/face. It nearly impossible to know the back story. I can’t count how many times I’ve jumped to conclusions only to find out that I ended up being the one who needed to change (usually because I find out the person I was attacking was truly serving God and I was trying to control them by making them into MY image).

    Love your heart man!


  • Kim Quinn

    I have been "church shopping", for lack of a better term. And something God has been speaking to my heart is where does thoughtful analysis become "nit picking", criticism, judgement? How do I as a believer know when I have crossed that line? I suppose it comes to the willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to me the true motive of my heart.

    Now suppose churches as a whole practiced this? We are all called to be one body. Are churches truly glorifying God when we compete for numbers? What does the world see when we behave no differently than they do and sometimes worse? These are all important questions that we all need to ask and most importantly allow the Holy Spirit to answer in our hearts.