But I’ve Reason to Believe We Both Will Be Received…

April 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

A week ago today, one of my business partners and best friends, Dave (@davewilkins5) got on a plane and headed to Memphis, TN. We had the great honor of working on a couple video projects with the great people of Living Hope Church.

We had an absolutely brilliant time and got to see, what we felt, was a tour of the city from the locals perspective. We really got to experience the heart of the city of Memphis. Some of the awesome, more “polished” sights of the city and other parts of the city that one might deem the “under belly” of Memphis. It was GREAT!

More than anything, I saw people… people just like me… people in a city… Their situations and roads they walk may differ from mine in ways great and small… but our stories are, at a root level, the same.

We are a broken people in need of God’s grace and love.

Okay okay… i’m not gonna try to get all deep or anything… cuz really… that’s not my thing.

What i want to say is we had a great time! We saw some fun and historical things in the middle of three long days of work. We met great people and made some new friends.

I love my job! And count it a privilege to live the life i do with the people i live it with.

I’ll end this post with a few pictures from the trip.