Invention, My Dear Friends, Is 93% Perspiration, 6% Electricity, 4% Evaporation, and 2% Butterscotch Ripple.

April 21, 2010 — 1 Comment

Recently i was reading a post entitled “20 things you can do to be more creative” over at Stephen Brewster’s site and REALLY thought it was worth sharing. Well, the list part at least. You can read his little excerpt that’s before the list by heading over to his site.

His posting really has got me thinking about things i can do to get out of a creative rut… simple things and routine changes as well.

I think often times in the desire to “be creative” we go back to the same “pool” over and over again. We try to make a formula out of a creative success we once had… then we..

okay i…

i get frustrated when we don’t get as great or dynamic a result as before. But instead get something stale or less than exciting.

I’m finding more and more that my body mind and heart needs “new and different” in order to foster creativity. That creativity isn’t a switch i just “flip on” when i need to “make something”… but that it’s something i need to invest in and spark… and that it thrives on the new and unfamiliar and i need to flood it with the un-routine.

So… before i ramble on too long… and it may be too late for that…. i present to you “the list”

1. Listen to your voice. It is there for a reason
2. Think of other ways to define your challenge.
3. Keep a note pad near your bed to write down your ideas as you fade in or out of sleep.
4. Use evernote to take pictures and record anything that sparks an idea.
5. Change things in your work space as frequently as possible.
6. Create space and time to be creative. Time to think, brainstorm, and not be interrupted.
7. Get plenty of rest. Creativity is the first thing to go when you are tired.
8. Change your canvas often. Work in different spaces.
9. Write down as many ideas as you can think of in five minutes. Never throw them away, you might use them later.
10. Read a lot. Read things that relate to your speciality and read things that have NOTHING to do with your specialty.
11. Trust your instincts.
12. Remember that no idea is a bad ida, it is just not a developed idea.
13. Review Magazines. Pictures, articles, designs…it is a breeding ground for ideas.
14. Talk to people who inspire you, and ask them questions.
15. Simply make it more simple. Remove before you add.
16. Ask people you trust to pick apart, improve, or review your ideas.
17. Keep a notebook of images and ideas that you can reference.
18. Avoid bureaucracy and admin tasks.
19. Change the style of music you listen to based on theme of what you are creating.
20. Create atmosphere to enhance your brainstorming.

So… What do you think? Anything you’d add?