Death In His Grave

June 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

[youtubehq UJDguHJ34SE nolink]

Integrity Music released a new video on their youtube channel for John Mark McMillan’s song “Death In His Grave”.

If you follow my tweets or are friends with me on facebook it should come as no surprise to you that i absolutely LOVE his music. The raw emotion and power in the music and lyrics is just something i am finding to be more and more rare these days as artist care less about their art and more about record sales.

I had the chance to see him live a little over a week ago in Visalia, CA and was absolutely blown-away! The whole feel and atmosphere wasn’t as if he was a musician performing to us, the audience… but of a man singing with his friends, worshiping their King. It’s definitely a night i won’t soon forget!

Anyway… check out the video and keep a look out for the re-release of his album “The Medicine” on 7.6.10