Sometimes, Art Requires Improvisation

October 19, 2010 — 2 Comments

[youtubehq NAllFWSl998 nolink]

I saw this video on YouTube this morning (thanks to my buddy @mikey_d_esq) and was really impressed.

Yes it is very cool that they played a song on their iPhones and that it sounded great…

But i was impressed by the way they chose to improvise to keep their art alive. They could have easily just given-up on playing for a while after all their equipment was stolen… and most of us just might. But they took an unconventional approach and continued to share the art they love, their music, with the rest of the world… or at least a subway train full of commuters.

It really posed the question, for me,

do i throw in the towel when adversity “strikes” or do i improvise and continue to create?

Do i let the roadblocks and “thieves” in my life prevent me from creating, writing and moving forward? Do i push forward despite opposition to continue creating?

What about you? Have you done anything new or improvised a creative solution to help you over a “hump”, in order to continue creating?