It’s Been An Honor AND a Privilege or If You Guys Glean Half the Wisdom That I Have From This Guy, It Will Change Your Life!

March 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

My friend, business partner and someone i consider a mentor, Gary Molander (@GaryMo) has written and has begun the publishing process on a book entitled “Pursuing Christ. Creating Art.

At this point i believe it’s scheduled to release at the Echo Conference this July. You can stay up-to-date by clicking the book title link in the previous paragraph.

I feel privileged to have been asked to do all the illustrations that lead in to the chapters/section as well as write an intro for one of the sections.

Besides sharing the years of experience and wisdom he has as someone who has been pursuing Christ and creating art for the better part of his life, Gary has also gathered together a group of friends and artists and included them in the process, having them write introductions to all the chapters in his book. It’s been a lot of fun to get to read the intros to the chapters as part of the illustration process. I can’t wait to read the book in its entirety!

I definitely encourage those of you who choose to live life as a Christ follower and set your time to some for of artistic endeavor, to pick u a copy when it releases! You’re in for a treat!