I’m Going to Be Leaving On a Jet Plane

May 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

This June, I’ll be heading to Haiti, with a team of folks from New Covenant Community Church, to document the ongoing missions efforts our church is involved in. As much as I am excited for the opportunity to go… I’m also really nervous.

I’ve done a lot of “local” missions trips and inner-city missions but have never traveled abroad for any missions work. And as much as I’ve shot video over the past 5+ years, I’ve never been tasked with being the only camera man on a “documentary” type shoot. I’m not so much nervous about all the technical aspects of going and shooting as I am about getting back home with the right footage. The footage that will allow me to tell the story of NewCov’s involvement in Haiti as well as, hopefully, compelling others to take part in the story. The story of hope, life and community that’s being lived out with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Stories of restoration and life change. Stories the involve the name of Jesus being lifted high!

My prayer is that I can be effective while there and that I’ll return changed, in a way that will never allow me to never be the same.