Seeing Red or How My Friend Dave Rocked the House

January 26, 2012 — 1 Comment

Tonight i attended an awesome little get together called “The Germ” with a number of friends a few acquaintances and room full of strangers.

What The Germ is, is… well… I’ll let them explain:

Here’s what it’s all about: every few months we’ll give you a source of inspiration to create your own film or video. The Germ could be anything: a picture, a song, an idea…anything. It may also have limiters: time limits, material usage, wardrobe…anything. The hope is that we’ll all be inspired to create a piece of a film using the same Germ and then come together as a group to see the work we all created using the same piece of inspiration. The same Germ.

Let’s be clear what we mean when we say film. A film is anything that can presented as a series of still or moving images. That’s all. Animation, art films, recorded stage performances, scripted work, iPhone videos, Flip cam videos, edited or unedited, fully lit, captured surreptitiously or filmed in a production studio. The Germ is for anyone who has ever thought about expressing themselves through the medium of film.

Read the rest of the about here.

Outside of it being a really great idea and a fun event, in and of itself, the reason i attended The Germ was because my great friend and business-partner Dave Wilkins (@davewilkins5, submitted a short film to The Germ. In the matter of a few short weeks he wrote, edited, rewrote, gathered a crew, shot, recorded voice-over, edited, color-corrected, edited some more and created an awesome 3 minute short titled “Red”. I am so proud of Dave for taking on this task and completing it! And i’m also lucky that he let me be a part of it.

Take a few minutes and watch his short film, below. I hope you enjoy it.