Element 3D

July 12, 2012 — 4 Comments

My church has a mid-week ministry called “NewCov U”. I recently purchased Video Copilot’s new plugin, Element 3D. I figured what could be a better way to test it out then creating a mock logo/bumper for a ministry at the church.

Here is the result.

  • Pat Callahan

    Very nice… I need to pick up Element for sure – even if just for the 3D text stuff.

    Did you get the Shaders, too?

    • thejrowe

      It’s pretty sweet! I did get the ProShaders as well.

  • Nice!  Been looking at this too!  Thanks for the post.  How long did this take to do?  Andrew’s tutorial looks simple, but going at it blind, how was the initial workflow/learning curve?

    • thejrowe

      Thanks Shawn! It was really quite intuitive. It took me about an hour to make and about 10 minutes of render time. I couldn’t believe how fast it all was… especially the render time.