My Notes from Echo 2012

August 1, 2012 — 1 Comment

So… I’ve been to all five years of the Echo Conference and this was by far my favorite. They folks behind the conference keep putting on a better conference, each and every year! This is the first time that i attended as “conference goer” and did have a booth there for our company. That really allowed me to sit in and listen to some of the various break-out sessions and keynotes of the conference… something i would often miss while having to “watch the booth”. Iwas really excited to get to be a part of the conference and sit in the sessions and take notes! I don’t tend to take notes in a “traditional” sense…. but thought i’d share the notes i did take with anyone interested.

Here they are:
Breakout 1 – Cole NeSmith @ColeNeSmithNotes
Breakout 2 – Marlon Hall @marlonfhallNotes
Keynote 1 – Todd Wagner @wordsfromwagsNotes
Breakout 3 – Jeff Goins @JeffGoinsNotes
Keynote 2 – Todd Henry @toddhenryNotes
Breakout 4 – Charles Lee @charlestleeNotes
Breakout 5 – Gary Molander @garymoNotes
Keynote 3 – Tony Hale @MrTonyHaleA Few Quotes
Breakout 6 – Blaine Hogan @blainehoganNotes

Hope you enjoy some of the thoughts i took away from the conference!