A Little Bit of Enjoyment for Me

March 8, 2013 — 3 Comments

Lecrae and Speaker Bump

Last week the guys and i had the always amazing opportunity to work with the folks over at PAO to put on one of their conferences. As a part of the conference, they had the extremely talented Lecrae open the conference.

Here’s where it got fun and nerdy for me…

I got to run motion graphics that Josh and i created behind Lecrae as he performed. I have to admit it was a complete blast to see that going down in front of us. I get to see things i’ve made up on screen all the time… but let’s face it, i’m no Barton Damer (@bartondamer, already been chewed) so it’s not very often i get to see motion graphics we’ve created over at Floodgate running behind a musician i enjoy and listen to.

I love my life!